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Compared to other European countries, Austria seems to have a very relaxed attitude to speeding offenses.



The numbers below are based on the so-called “Anonymverfügung”  or “Organmandate” which only comes into play if the offence is considered minor. Major offences means court.
The data below are not complete and may have errors. And there are no data on license withdrawals on a motorway. Please comment below if you know more.

The important numbers :
Limit – km/h 50 100 130
Fine +21km/h(1 €50 €50 €50
Fine +41km/h(1 €160 ? ?
LICENSE, 2-6 weeks 91 151 181*
*) Data are uncertain
1) Based on OM, see below
Austrian police mens attitude ?
The Daz writes (June, 2003):
“Hi guys, just one comment on the Austrian police mens attitude :
Austian policemen are allowed to estimate the speed. This means they don’t need any further proof (e.g. electronic speed traps, lasers). Especially german folks have a lot of fun with that when travelling via the old Brenner route. It seems like every second biker is pulled over and made pay the fee even if he’s sure he didn’t drive more than the allowed 50 km/h. No point intrying to discuss. Also the fee is well calculated to be just below the limit where it has to reported to the drivers home country. If you don’t have enough cash with you, no problem, they’ll take all the money they can get and you surely wont get any receipt.
This is all personal experience.
Ride on, Harm”
And there is an App for Austrian traffic fines!
Check Google Play for this (Android only)
Austria in detail :

Violation Fine AV(1
Fine OM(2
+ 1-20 km/h €29-60 €30
+ 21-30 km/h €56-72 €50
+ 31-40 km/h €70-160 €70
LICENSE: 2-6 weeks + 41 km/h €150+ €150+
+ 1-30 km/h €56-90 €50
+ 31-40 km/h €140-160 €70
+ 41-50 km/h €150-300
LICENSE: 2-6 weeks + 51 km/h
+ 1-20 km/h €45 €30
+ 21-30 km/h €60 €50
+ 31 km/h ? ?
LICENSE: ? ? ?
?) Data are unknown, please leave any corrections below.
1) AV, Anonymstrafverfügung. This is special for Austria. You leave the decision to the police, you may pay later – and will stay anonymous.
2) OM, Organmandate. This is the closest you come to a common fine catalog in Austria. You agree and pay on the spot. Case solved.
If you know anything more correct on this, please comment below.
Source: Strafen-Katalog (PDF) via this ÖADC page.
Fines and reactions may change without any warnings.
About points:

Austria has very different system from other countries. It is called “Vormerksystem” and is only used with serious offences. You start with zero points and lose your license when you have reached only 3 points. There 13 different offences that will give you a point – none are related to speeding. Here are some:

  • Drinking and driving with between 0.5 ‰ and 0.8 ‰ blood alcohol
  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front of you
  • Ignoring a red light which results in other drivers  having to take action
  • No safe transport of children

If you break two points at the same time, you may lose the license. Two points within two years will give you a warning. Three points within two years will remove your license for at least three months. After this you start with zero points.
Any point will stay in the registers for two years and will then be removed.

Source: Wikipedia – Entziehung und Neuerteilung der Faherlaubnis – Vormerksystem. Here you will also get the complete list.


  1. Dezza
    09.12.2017 @ 19:26

    Hi, I’ve just received a speeding ticket that happened in September. Just outside Vienna heading into Vienna on the A2 next to SCS, it starts to be a 100km zone. However on that night the overhead signs with the speed limit where off and there are no metal signs. I was done at that time doing 129kmph which I thought was the speed limit at the time since signs where off. Does anyone know how I can prove that the signs where off/broken? I have 4 witnesses in my car. Wish they just use the old metal signs still. The fine is 80€ and wondering if to just pay it or worth fighting.


  2. Marbacca
    19.09.2017 @ 02:22

    I just received a letter from our car rental agency (we rented in Germany and drove through Austria to Vienna) from June saying that they charged our credit card a $25 “administration fee” and that we would be getting a notice of the cost of the violation in the mail. The accompanying letter was in German and from what I could translate with Google it said we were going 159 in a 100 km/h construction zone (I am assuming this is what was meant). I doubt we were ever going that fast, our drive to Vienna was in traffic. Does anyone know what the fine will be? It was actually our friend who was driving, but my husband got the letter, they were both registered to drive the car. I am reading also that anything over 40 km/h is a criminal proceeding? How does this all work, we live in America!!


    • eric sobremonte
      27.09.2017 @ 19:34

      hello,would you mind to update me also,i had same letter that you had from rent a car hertz in munich.also a letter from austria but its all in german..can i talk to you if u dont mind?my number 847-630-0754..thnk u so much.


      • Jay
        02.12.2017 @ 15:05

        Eric can you please uodate what happen since i am in the same situation. You can email me.


    • Jay
      02.12.2017 @ 15:03

      I am in the same situation can you please update what happened.


  3. Vlad Soare
    02.08.2017 @ 17:29

    Are electric vehicles allowed to ignore the IG-L speed limits?


  4. geoff b
    19.06.2017 @ 15:33

    how Long after the actually speeding Event can they send you a fine in Austria?
    i’ve just received one nearly 6 months after the date they mention..


  5. Vuk Blagojevic
    09.03.2017 @ 18:59

    Hello, I got a letter that says that they sent me a letter earlier asking if I was in the car on a specific date. They are fineing me 70 euros. However, in that time I have moved to a new flat and I forwarded my mail, but I didnt receive such letter. What can I do about this_


    • Kush
      12.10.2017 @ 11:57

      Hi, Can you please tell me what happened in your case? A similar situation happened with me, I also moved to a new apartment in Germany. And I did not receive any such letter.


  6. Michael
    27.02.2017 @ 14:38

    We travelling from Austria,and after one week we recived a fine in letterbox,for 8 km moore than 50 in the city we recived 40 euro.Please let me know if is possible to pay the fine on the internet with card.The name of site,please.Thanks!


  7. EricTB
    23.08.2016 @ 12:42

    I have recieved a summons for speeding in Austria.
    They say 56 (camera) in 50 limit but the summons says 8km over the limit.
    It was my car in the photo but it was taken from the back.
    I was not the only person authorised to drive my car.
    Any advice


  8. Daz
    04.08.2016 @ 09:54

    Austria – Salzburg. Speeding in a Green Zone is it true you get 60 euro fine for every km over the speed limit. so 60km in a 30 adds up to 1800 euros fine.


  9. Youssef
    15.07.2016 @ 14:13

    I’d like to ask how to check if I have penalties on my rented cars


  10. Lynette gamboa
    22.05.2016 @ 01:24

    Hello i would like to ask about IG-L 100 and we knew that the maximum is 130 speedlimit but they only allow the 100 so can u help me how much willbe our fine?thank you


  11. Maria Rose
    17.04.2016 @ 00:13

    My Fiancé and I had taken a trip over to Austria about a month ago. Something that people should definitely know is that town signs = 50 km/h.

    My Fiancé was going 70 km/h in a 50 km/h zone but missed it simply because there was no numerical sign denoting that the speed limit had changed. There were two police officers at a speed trap going into one of the towns and sure enough we were motioned to pull over. The officer was very nice in that he obviously made us aware of the issue but only charged us 30 euros on the spot which, according to him, was very generous seeing that we were doing 20+ km/h over the speed limit.

    After that, we made sure that we really kept our eyes out for town signs and made sure that we were paying attention to ALL road signs.

    Not sure if you have a page already for this but maybe posting the road signs and their meanings would be highly beneficial to people as well.

    Great website!


  12. Mujahid Latif
    21.02.2016 @ 06:49

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I get one traffic violation notification from the Swiss. But I am not sure if it is from the Traffic Office or some spammer send me this notification. Can you kindly check in your system if its from the Traffic Office.

    Reference number mentioned on the page is: Zahl: X-9-2015/48848

    Please send me link of online page to make a payment.

    I will appreciate for your time and help.

    Warm Regards
    Majid Latif


    • TerjeEnge
      23.02.2016 @ 00:46

      Sorry, I can’t help you on this. I’m no traffic lawyer, I’m just an amateur spending some of my sparetime to inform others on European speeding and traffic rules. A very complicated matter in itself.


    • Hui
      05.12.2016 @ 23:39

      what happened to your case?


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