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The Czech Republic is relatively mild on fines, but provides a tough regime when it comes to license withdrawals. There are, however, not too many speed controls.
Like most Eastern European countries driving and drinking is a complete no-no.



Although fines are low, your license are withdrawn at relatively low speeds.

Important numbers :
Limit – km/h 20 50 90 110 130
Fine +21km/h €38 €38 €19 €19 €19
Fine +41km/h €192-384 €192-384 €192-384 €192-384 €192-384
LICENSE conditionally(1 40 70 120 140 170
LICENSE unconditionally(2 60 90 140 160 180
 1) Conditionally, eg. if you have committed another speeding offence within the last year.
2) Witdrawal period: 6-12 months.
The official measure tolerances are 3 km/h for speeds up to 100 km/h and 3 % of 101 km/h and above. The police does, however, not always follow these rules. Rumours say that you are safe within +10 km/h in urban areas and within +20 km/h outside.
Police cars are almost always in civil – Mostly Skoda, some VW Passat and Ford Mondeo. They always have dark rear windows.
Be aware that as the owner of a car you are responsible for all fines due to automatic traffic surveillance (speed measurement, red-light crossing and more) if the police can not catch the driver.
Most measurements are visible with roadside boxes, calibration lines on the road and cameras above. A warning is common, but is not required by the law. Sometimes the speed is measured by induction loops in the road.
Radar detectors are legal but laser jammers cause 5.000 – 10.000 CZK, zero points and a license withdrawal.

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The Czech Republic in detail :
€1 = CZK26 Violation Fine (CZK) Fine (Euro) Points
+0-5 km/h 500(1 19
+6-19 km/h 500(1 19 2
+20-39 km/h 1000(2 38 3
LICENSE(5 +40 km/h and more 5 000-10 000(3 192-384 5
+0-10 km/h 500(1 19
+11-29 km/h 500(1 19 2
+30-49 km/h 1000(2 38 3
LICENSE(5 +50 km/h and more 5 000-10 000(3 192-384 5
1) Minimum, up to 1000 CZK/18 EUR – it depends on the police and the traffic conditions
2) Minimum, up to 2500 CZK/96 EUR – it depends on the police and the traffic conditions.
3) Will be solved by the police administration. Expect license withdrawal and 5 points.
Values in Euro are approximate.

In the Czech Republic you start with zero points. With no point offences in the last year, 4 points will be deducted. If you get 12 points your license will be withdrawn for one year. This means that you will have  to take a new drivers license test to keep your license.
In addition to the speeding offences above, these offences will reward you with points (there are many more):

  • Using a mobile phone while driving: 2 points
  • Not using seat belt/helmet: 3 points
  • Illegal overtaking: 7 points
  • Not stopping before a red light or a stop sign: 5 points
  • Drinking and driving, from 0.3 g/l in blood sample: 7 points

More on Czech points at the Czech Traffic Law (in Czech).


  1. David
    14.11.2018 @ 21:49

    I have an UK license plate and I’ve been flashed by a speed radar from patrolling police car — what will happen now? Will they enforce the law by sending it to UK authorities or is this rather unlikely?


  2. Syed
    11.04.2018 @ 10:51

    hi anass you have to pay it by bank transfer which the police officer should have given you a paper for, which should have the account number written on it.


  3. Anass
    22.03.2018 @ 07:23

    How do i pay a traffic ticket online?


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