Published 24.5.2004 | Last update 30.3.2017

Although Luxembourg is a tiny country, it has its own, very special, legal system

And Luxembourg has a comprehensive fine catalog on everything from no foreign license (€12 – foreigners only) to overtaking on a bridge (€75). It seems strange then, that there is no license withdrawal at all.

The important numbers :
Limit – km/h 50 90 130(1
Fine +21km/h €49 €49 €49
Fine +41km/h €145 €145
LICENSE )2 79 km/h 141 km/h 202 km/h
1) 110 km/h during rain
2) Fine, license withdrawal and jail term decided by court
Speed cameras was introduced to Luxembourg in 2016. In addition there are police hiding in the bushes with hand-held radars, most common in towns. They also have civilian cars with cameras.
Be aware: The possesion of any radar-jammers or detector is prohibited and may be sentenced with jail from 8 days up to 3 years.
You can find more at The Police Grand Ducale website.

Speeding and other traffic offences are subject to on-the-spot fines – if you do not pay the police may take your vehicle in custody for up to 48 hours and you may have to go to court.

Luxembourg in detail :
Violation Fine
+ 4-15 km/h €49
+ 16-28 km/h €145
LICENSE (1 + 29 km/h
+ 4-24 km/h €49
+ 25-50 km/h €145
LICENSE (1 + 51 km/h
+ 5-30 km/h €49
+ 31-71 km/h €145
LICENSE (1 + 72 km/h
1) Fine, license withdrawal and jail term decided by court.


  1. Alain
    28.01.2018 @ 00:54

    Ok, anybody going to say something about how to challenge such a fine?
    I am conviced I got one unjusrfully.
    And I heard some Police in LUX have the habit of stretching the law a bit too far sometimes…



  2. Tim
    22.07.2016 @ 11:29


    The information above is not correct.

    Basically, there are 3 types of speed violation in Luxembourg:

    1. Basic violation of speed limit
    up to +15km/h in a city
    up to +20km/h outside the city
    up to +25km/h on a highways
    Fine: 49 EUR

    2. Strong violation of speed limit
    Higher than basic violation, up to +50% of allowed speed but not less than +20km/h
    Fine: 145 EUR + 2 points

    3. Very strong violation of speed limit
    More that +50% to the allowed speed but not less than +20km/h
    Sanctions: fine, license withdrawal and jail term to be decides by court.

    Official information on fines:
    Actual fines (with tolerance):

    20 fixed radars and 10 mobile radars are operating in the country.


    • TerjeEnge
      26.01.2017 @ 21:22

      Thank you, Tim!
      It took a while, but finally your corrections are up 🙂


  3. dejan
    30.01.2016 @ 21:59

    there is now fix cameras from 2016. they got me 2 times . only 10 km over limit. hope for small ticket . so dont drive 2 fast .


  4. Mark Layton
    18.12.2015 @ 13:38

    Luxembourg seems to have the most lenient motoring regime in Europe; what a shame the country is so small. They do have some good roads though.


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