Published 24.5.2004 | Last update 2.1.2017

Netherlands has some of the highest traffic fines in Europe with the new higher fines for many offenses like speeding which came into force 1st January 2014.

Speed limit enforcement is extensive on Dutch roads. This includes traffic enforcement cameras in urban areas and radar guns on national roads and motorways. Furthermore, fixed average speed checks (trajectcontrole), which were first introduced in the Netherlands, are now in operation on many motorways. Check Speed limits in the Netherlands (Wikipedia) on this.

Important numbers :
Limit – km/h 30 50 80 120 130
Fine +20km/h €200 €147 €139 €112 €112
Fine +40km/h -* -* -* €337 €323
LICENSE(1 80 100 130 170 180
*) The case will be brought before The Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie) which will decide whether you will have to appear before a court and on what charge.
1) minimum 1 month, but exceeding the limit with 30km/h or more may withdraw your license – at least until trial.

Be aware that there are special fines and restrictions at construction sites.

The speeding fines in Netherlands are calculated differently from other European countries. They are based on an algorithm and not a table. This means that the fines is not divided into standard categories, +1-15 km/h and so on. Instead, the fines are continually increasing for each km/h. The only way to get an exact fine seems to be the speeding fines calculator at Openbaar Ministerie (dutch only). This calculator was used for the table below.
If you break the limits with 30-40 km/h your offense goes to the state attorney, which may withdraw your license. If you break the limit with more than 100% the police can take your vehicle.
Netherlands in detail :
Speed(1 Fine (Euro)
30 km/h 37-40 km/h €44-70
41-50 km/h €80-200
51-60 km/h €213-358
61-63 km/h €376-410
+ 64 km/h **
LICENSE(2 + 80 km/h **
50 km/h 58-60 km/h €26-46
61-70 km/h €52-147
71-80 km/h €157-274
81-83 km/h €257-316
+ 83 km/h **
LICENSE(2 + 100 km/h **
80 km/h 87-90 km/h €23-41
91-100 km/h €48-139
101-110 km/h €139-244
111-114 km/h €257-301
+ 115 km/h **
LICENSE(2 + 130 km/h **
120 km/h 128-130 km/h €23-34
131-140 km/h €34-112
141-150 km/h €121-216
151-160 km/h €259-337
161-166 km/h €351-410
+ 167 km/h **
LICENSE(2 + 170 km/h **
130 km/h 136-140 km/h €11-28
141-150 km/h €34-112
151-160 km/h €121-216
161-170 km/h €227-323
171-176 km/h €337-410
+ 176 km/h **
LICENSE(2 + 180 km/h **
1) The speed is the speed after a correction is applied, see below.
2) Minimum 1 month, but exceeding the limit with 30km/h or more may withdraw your license – at least until trial.
**) The case will be brought before The Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie) which will decide whether you will have to appear before a court and on what charge.
Fines and reactions may change without any warnings.
Everybody gets a deduction to correct for the maximum measurement error of the instrument. The deduction is 3 kmh below 100 km/h, and 3 percent above 100 km/h. This means that the measured speed is always reduced by a minimum of three kilometres per hour.
On 80 km/h roads, the instruments are tuned at 87 km/h and on 100 km/h roads at 108 km/h. A speed lower than 87 or 108 km/h is not registered as an offence.
On nearly all roads, a minimum exceeding limit of 3 or 4 km/h is used below which no fine is imposed. Only for roads with a maximum speed of 130 there is no tolerance level, so that fines are imposed there from 1 km/h and more.
Except for beginner driving licenses, there is no penalty point system in the Netherlands.


  1. Mus68
    14.01.2018 @ 00:32

    Hi any Boyd can help I got speeding ticket from Netherlands police officer had to take my license what will happen to me they send me a letter court date .28 January what will happen any help ….thank you


  2. Pauline Feeney
    30.12.2017 @ 12:07

    Does anyone know whether the owner of the car is liable for the fine even if they were not driving or even present
    ( the car was originally lent but then then the borrower refused to return it and incurred numerous parking and speeding fines)


  3. Pupalek
    09.12.2017 @ 02:00

    I have diffrent question can netherland goverment block my bank account if i not pay a ticket, now i leave in germany but i use netherlad account after cash transfer on my account i spend just 60€ and now i see ” your bank cancel your cash withdraw request ” when i try to withdraw money


  4. David Kitcher
    09.11.2017 @ 16:59

    I was fined 1100 euros for doing 110 in a 50 in the Hague, I went to court thinking they may give me less, I was stunned when they fined me 1100, is it worth appealing.?l


    • Ino
      18.11.2017 @ 23:56

      They’re quite probably not gonna give you less to pay. You might have had a change at that with a good story with a more minor speeding offence, but you can probably call yourself lucky since it wasn’t a traffic stop in this instance. If the speeding offence led to direct danger the police is allowed to impound your car. If you speed >50km/h the police is legally obliged to take your license for a minimum period of two months.


  5. Raffaele Capuano
    05.09.2017 @ 19:59

    Hi all.

    Just got two speeding fines in Heerlen (NL) through mobile set speed cameras. They were both on a road outside inner city (speed limit 100 km/h). The worst part is that I took two of them within 3.5 km of distance on the same road (one at km 25.2 and the second at km 28.7).
    My question is (since I am italian and, as far as I know, in Italy it is forbidden for the police to give you two tickets on the same road within less than 20 km): can I request an appeal and ask for at least one cancellation?

    Thank you in advance!


    • Ino
      20.09.2017 @ 22:36

      It is not illegal to set up these traps. They quite often set up multiple checks when it’s in an area with many accidents, since they don’t have mobile checks over a distance.


  6. Janeks
    31.08.2017 @ 19:36

    What is the penalty if in place where was 55km/h i drive 88km/h got letter. What will happen next?


    • Ino
      20.09.2017 @ 22:34

      Hi, a 55 limit does not exist. In a 50 the fine for driving 88 is about 350 euros.


  7. Jamie Black
    16.08.2017 @ 22:42

    I’ve just had to pay €768 at Rotterdam airport for a speeding fine from 2015 that I wasn’t aware of. Is there any way to get this reduced, or is there no hope?


    • Ino
      19.08.2017 @ 17:53

      There very likely is no hope. Any legal actions are too late, which means that the fine ended up to be the initial one + a number of additions to the original amount.


  8. Stupid Dutchies
    16.05.2017 @ 18:25

    Damn, so much traject controlle on the main roads.

    Does the speed camera always come with a warning sign ? I saw some warning side before cameras but i can’t help to worry if i got caught by surprise or not.

    I know for sure in Antwerpen ring i saw a white box at the last moment without sign and just had time to brake.


    • Ino
      22.05.2017 @ 19:23

      The set distance traps always have a very clear indication ( Eleven are currently active.

      The rest is sometimes indicated (at least they have reflective striping on them). A lot of speed cameras have been removed in the last years, because they didn’t contribute to safety. The ones that are left, are usually at crossings or tight roads where speeding has led to a lot of accidents.

      On the ring in Antwerpen they have a lot of cameras, mainly in the direction of the Netherlands. They often won’t work, though.


  9. Pat
    08.04.2017 @ 22:16

    If it is a uk register car can you get a fine from a speed camera?


    • Ino
      24.04.2017 @ 11:16

      There’s no agreement between NL and UK to exchange the registrations so that the fines can be issued automatically. It will depend on the severity of the infraction, whether they will try to send it.


    • pres
      13.12.2017 @ 18:35

      Been driving UK reg cars in Netherlands for 20 years. Often, like every month. Very fast too. Never received anything. Same from other countries. Nothing. 20 years.


  10. Dallas bolen
    08.04.2017 @ 16:29

    What happens if I don’t pay when I’m American, got tickets in Netherlands, don’t plan on coming back?


    • Ino
      24.04.2017 @ 11:18

      The change of you finding problems with it, is not very big as long as you don’t come back. It’s risky though. In the event that you ever come back, there’s a change you’ll have to pay thousands at the border.


      • need4speed
        12.12.2017 @ 15:16

        There really is no need for fear mongering like this, they would have to prove that ‘John Smith’ who got caught speeding is the same ‘John Smith’ who is at the border. Highly highly unlikely, especially as there is no international database of licences and speeding fines..


  11. Steve Williams
    17.03.2017 @ 18:13

    Does anyone how soon they send out speeding fines in the post? I’d been working in the Netherlands for a contracting company and I was getting caught by the same camera over and over again. Instead the company I was working for telling me straight away they left it two months. How soon would they have been aware of the speeding fines?


    • Ino
      24.04.2017 @ 11:19

      Most cameras are modern and the fines will arrive within a few days.


  12. massara alain
    16.02.2017 @ 08:54

    i got fines for speed in ne the netherlands . i do not how i can pay them .
    can you please help me with this
    you think i will have problems when i arrive from Usa to Europe .


  13. massara alain
    16.02.2017 @ 08:47

    please can some one send me the Excel my mail is /


  14. Brian
    30.11.2016 @ 13:21

    Does anyone know if there is a time limit before you are contacted by the Dutch authorities re a traffic offence? I was told today 2 1/2 months after the offence vie Hertz.


    • Ino
      06.02.2017 @ 13:44

      In rental cars it may take up to eight months for you to arrive the ticket. And even if it takes longer it can be excused.


  15. Joe Carpenter
    21.10.2016 @ 00:53

    Can someone give me some advice on legal representation for camera speeding tickets in the Netherlands? I’ve gotten 4 (so far) of them totaling almost $1,000 and want to know if I have any chance of fighting this from here in the US.

    Thank you,


    • Vik
      02.03.2017 @ 09:20

      No chance and if you are arriving in Amsterdam you will be fined double if can’t pay,you will be jailed. .


      • pres
        13.12.2017 @ 18:41

        VIK, Wrong. Don’t spread fear.
        Do they even know his name? Were the fines not taken from his credit card that he rented the car from? Do they only have his licence plate number from his car? was he driving, of you VIK? Or do their magical cameras look into his wallet in his back pocket and read his name?
        Fined double and jailed?
        VIK is a Troll.


  16. pietro faggiani
    10.10.2016 @ 11:34

    I received a ticket last week. By checking the picture on the website of the cjib I saw that there is a car right next to me. I am wondering how can they know who was speeding. Does anyone know if I can object the ticket ?


    • Sergio
      25.04.2017 @ 18:11

      On a highway they have one camera for each lane, so it only flashes vehicles travelling on its specific lane. You probably can’t object.


  17. Robert
    03.08.2016 @ 03:11

    I Dont know about these tables or formulas but when i rented a car from Europcar and got 2 fines from CIJB it was the following:
    At a limit of 100km/h i was going with 108km/h – 4km/h tolerance. So for 4 km/h above the limit i paid 130Eur
    The second was at a limit of 50km/h i was going with 56km/h – 4km/h tolerance so for a 2km/h above the limit i paid 70 Eur.

    Something does not make sense.


  18. GvG
    21.01.2016 @ 22:54

    +20kmh in a 30 zone = €250
    +7 = €73

    The other rates have also gone up (see my other comment in the Europe-wide section). Let me know if you want a full breakdown and I’ll mail you an Excel.
    Source: (official government website)

    I’d suggest standardization of the tables here and those in the Europe-wide section. Now it’s +20kmh here and +21kmh there. So it’s more work to find out and maintain.


    • TerjeEnge
      23.02.2016 @ 00:33

      Yes, please mail me the Excel 🙂
      And your thoughts on 21 vs. 20 might be a good idea. The original web version had it like this but then I discovered that different countries had different rules and then I had to be precise …
      Thx for the input, I think I will change it back 🙂


    • Viola Hricková
      25.03.2016 @ 17:50

      please, could you send me the Excel?
      My email is
      Thank you very much


  19. Louis Mason
    30.07.2015 @ 17:42

    Paying a fine from the UK will also cost you a bob or two. The collection agency are careful not to allow payment by credit card or cheque so it’s by money transfer only. Even with a UK euro account I had to pay €55 for the pleasure of paying a €100 fine to the CJIB.


  20. raanan eliaz
    10.07.2015 @ 09:23


    How can i get a copy of traffic ticket from the netherlands?


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