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The Swiss have a reputation for rigidly and regularly enforcing their speed limits.
It is easy to get your license withdrawn and at the same time pay a very heavy fine. Even jail is possible.

The important numbers :
Limit – km/h 30 50 80 120
Fine +21km/h 30df(1 €560 €374 €243
Fine +41km/h jail 120df(1 60df(1 30df(1
LICENSE – min. 1 month 50 71 106 151
1) Dayfines – Tagessätze. See below.
If you break the limits with more than 20 to 40 km/h and get your license withdrawn, the fines will be set according to your taxable income and wealth (Tagessatz). With a high income you will have to pay a high fine.
This guy got a 200 000 euro fine for doing 130 km/h through a village with his Ferrari …

Speeding and other traffic offences are subject to on-the-spot fines.

You may go to jail in Switzerland for excessive speeding.
The details on this are not clear. Any advice is appreciated.
Switzerland in detail :
Violation Fine (CHF) Fine (Euro)
+1-5 km/h 40 €38
+30 km/h +6-10 km/h 120 €112
+11-15 km/h 250 €234
+16-17 km/h 400 €374
Warning +18-19 km/h 600 €560
LICENSE – 1 month +20-24 km/h 30 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – 3 months +25-29 km/h 50 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – 3 months +30-34 km/h 90 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – min 3 months +35-39 km/h +120 Tagessätze(1
JAIL – min 1 year +40 km/h minimum 1 year
+1-5 km/h 40 €38
+50 km/h +6-10 km/h 120 €112
+11-15 km/h 250 €234
+16-20 km/h 400 €374
LICENSE – 1 month +21-24 km/h 600 €560
LICENSE – 1 month +25-29 km/h 20 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – 3 months +30-34 km/h 50 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – 3 months +35-39 km/h 70 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – min 3 months +40-49 km/h +120 Tagessätze(1
JAIL – min 1 year +50 km/h minimum 1 year
+1-5 km/h 40 €38
+80 km/h +6-10 km/h 100 €95
+11-15 km/h 160 €150
+16-20 km/h 240 €224
+21-25 km/h 400 €374
LICENSE – 1 month +26-29 km/h 600 €560
LICENSE – 3 months +30-34 km/h 20 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – 3 months +35-39 km/h 30 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – 3 months +40-44 km/h 60 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – min 3 months +45-49 km/h 90 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – min 3 months +50-59 km/h +120 Tagessätze(1
JAIL – min 1 year +60 km/h minimum 1 year
+1-5 km/h 20 €19
+120 km/h +6-10 km/h 60 €56
+11-15 km/h 120 €112
+16-20 km/h 180 €168
+21-25 km/h 260 €243
+26-30 km/h 400 €374
LICENSE – 1 month +31-34 km/h 600 €560
LICENSE – 3 months +35-39 km/h 20 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – 3 months +40-44 km/h 30 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – 3 months +45-49 km/h 50 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – min 3 months +50-54 km/h 60 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – min 3 months +55-59 km/h 70 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – min 3 months +60-64 km/h 90 Tagessätze(1
LICENSE – min 3 months +65-79 km/h +120 Tagessätze(1
JAIL – min 1 year +80 km/h minimum 1 year
1) Tagessätze. Based upon your taxable income and wealth. Swiss law explains: “Ein Tagessatz beträgt höchstens 3000 Franken. Das Gericht bestimmt die Höhe des Tagessatzes nach den persönlichen und wirtschaftlichen Verhältnissen des Täters im Zeitpunkt des Urteils, namentlich nach Einkommen und Vermögen, Lebensaufwand, allfälligen Familien- und Unterstützungspflichten sowie nach dem Existenzminimum.”
Source: the Bussenkatalog
Source: ch.ch – Geschwindigkeitsüberschreitungen
Source: Schweiz – Reiseinformationen
Fines and reactions may change without any warnings.
Values in Euro are approximate.


  1. BunnyEars
    2017.08.18 @ 00:29

    So, what happens if I dont have an income nor am I receiving state benefits. How do they fine me then?


  2. Stuart Fletcher
    2017.06.12 @ 23:29

    Great site with very useful info. After experincing this myself I think it’s important to add that sometimes their mobile radar traps can be hidden. First thing I knew one of them was in the middle of the road motioning me to pull over. 94kph in a 80kph zone, with the safety margin of 3kph applied I was 1kph over the 6-10kph zone. I asked but no they wouldn’t lower it 1kph more.
    Noone coming the other way gave any warning, they couldn’t because they didn’t know they were there. I was using a video camera and watching the footage the one with the radar is up on a small hill to the left. The others were down a small track on the right with a car, far enough from the road that you would have to look down it to see them, waiting for a signal to come out and grab the next customer.
    I thought I had taken enough precautions to avoid being a victim, I did not think or expect them to actually hide. Yes I was speeding but nowhere near a town and at a speed that was nowhere near dangerous so I do find them to be like highway robbers. I have no problem with the 60kph and even 50kph zones in towns but 80kph outside of built up areas is a joke of a speed limit so I doubt I’ll be back after this trip cos then I’ll have done all the passes. Beautiful views but not enjoyable riding because staying to the 80kph limit is no fun at all unless the roads are very tight. Going over it even just a little can be expensive and you never know where they might be hiding.
    So watch out, especially on popular roads on weekends when the weather is good, they are good hunting days for these robbing c*nts! Come for the views and if you want to enjoy your riding even just a little be prepared to pay for it, odds are that you will.


  3. sarah1980
    2017.06.10 @ 18:44

    Hi my friends have been detained in Switzerland and are accused of racing and driving in convoy. They were undertaking the cannon ball run so were in a group. However they have been told that they will now spend 3 to 5 years in jail and have to pay the market value of their cars if they wish to get them back! Tho has ruined their lives! How can we sort this?


    • BunnyEars
      2017.08.18 @ 00:30

      Not got much sympathy to be honest as they were taking part in a race, no matter how they dress it up they were racing


  4. Karl Rudolf
    2017.06.06 @ 09:26

    Great Site, good information thanks for your efforts.

    It’s also important to recognise that the Swiss have agreements with the French, Germans and Italians. So a Swiss license holder WILL receive fines from these countries and the Swiss authorities will in addition add on a processing fee and local decision on a foreign speeding incident. (Enforce foreign bans in Switzerland!!!! = WTF!)

    In my case 183kmh (Autoroute) in France was 135 Euro cash point frogmarch, instant one month ban in France, Swiss license taken. (Was a couple of years ago and only applicable in France) 3 weeks later the Swiss authorities caught up and asked me for a statement in the French court. I gave no statement, the French increased the fine to 300 Euro total and increased the ban in France to 2 months

    Then to add insult to injury the Swiss upheld the French ban in Switzerland for the remainder of the month. (3 days lol) Then the Swiss charged me another 300chf for processing paperwork and RECORDED these details against my Swiss driving record.

    These reciprocal agreements are a pain in ass and can be “double charges” and may bite you later. Be careful! (this maybe worth including on your website which states share driving offences.


  5. Gul
    2017.05.28 @ 10:10

    I have been caught by camera when I return from swissland to Italy there was a tunnel speed was 80 and my speed was 91 ,
    Any one can help and tell me what fane will be for me please?


    • Karl Rudolf
      2017.06.06 @ 09:34

      The table above is accurate, dependent on the type of camera used you will see a number of kmh knocked off the actual speed.


  6. Tony
    2017.04.19 @ 10:39


    #i received a huge fine of 647 CHF (620 Euro) after returning home to Ireland from Switzerland for only
    22kmph in a tunnel which I thought was limit 100. However, aside from the hugely disporoprtionate
    size of this fine, it is written in German and cannot understand the content and particularly how do I dispute/appeal.

    So I emailed the contact email address provided 3 times with no reply yet (which is proactive I think) to
    a) request to send me the fine in English
    b) how to appeal/dispute the huge amount of this fine relative to income/means for a minor offense.

    Any idea what happens now ? again I don’t have understanding of he detail as its all in German. They have used Registered Post 3 timwes to my home, the kids must wonder what this is and that annoys me.

    thank you. fro any help.


    • john
      2017.05.09 @ 13:19

      Hi Tony, I got flashed for speeding in a 50km zone, going under a tunnel. I was doing 60km. I’ve not received anything in the post yet, but hert have told me there was an admin charge for a “traffic offence”….which actually references two days after the day I know I was flashed. DId you hear anything more with your case yet? I’m hearing paying the fines is not so easy either…….


    • Karl Rudolf
      2017.06.06 @ 09:32

      Don’t even bother to dispute these fines as a Swiss resident (UK National) I can tell you if it goes to court and you haggle they will INCREASE the fine and they WILL collect it.

      It’s seen as a waste of their court time and they adjust accordingly. I know no one who has won in court (lowered or removed a speeding fine) I have known people have their fines increased and court costs added on.

      There is one exception a guy was speeding whilst taking his wife to hospital and was about to die whilst giving birth, it took months for them to agree to wipe the slate clean!

      Pay it walk away as a lesson learned. Tunnels in Switzerland ALWAYS have cameras, drive accordingly.. 🙂


  7. Norman Allen
    2017.04.17 @ 14:44

    In August 2016 I was caught on camera speeding over the limit in Lauterbrunnen. I have been sent two letters from the Berne Canton police requesting if I was the driver. I understand from my local MP and other authorities that the Swiss police have no legal rights to pursue me in the Uk for the fine and according to the Swiss police web-site if I do not pay I will be stopped if I ever go back to Switzerland. I assume this is correct? I have heard stories that the Swiss try to pursue UK drivers for fines through EPO etc although they have no legal status to do so in UK courts. Since I am approaching 70 years old and suffering with leg problems I will not be going back.


  8. Masz
    2017.02.23 @ 17:19

    I have been to Zurich Switzerland for a short trip, went 78 km in 50 km road, wasn’t saw the camera because waze doesn’t told me about trap and the camera was the same color of the road so press the pedal at wrong spot.
    that was rental car does anyone know what to expect ?


    • Masz
      2017.02.23 @ 17:20

      I live in uk


  9. Runner
    2016.11.12 @ 17:00

    I’ve received a letter saying I was 37kph (after 6kph adjustment) over the 80kph and the photos showing the windscreen do not clearly show who was driving (there were two of us sharing the driving) so in this instance what do the Swiss do?? We can’t even remember where or which part of the journey this was! Also if a fine is issued will involve a ban and means testing on income?


  10. Brian
    2016.11.01 @ 08:35

    hi, i think i been caught by the speed camera, when i traveled to Zurich 3 weeks ago, there was a time when i enter the tunnel i didnt noticed that the speed limit is only 80 km/h, as i thought it would be 100 km/h, and my speed is around 100 km/h on that time, i was shocked when i saw the flash light from the speed camera taken towards our car. so i though we might have already been caught by the speed camera.
    i am a tourist that rented a car from this Avis car rental company, but when i return my car at Basel airport to the car rental company, they didnt say anything about the speed trap, so i am not so sure if i am really been caught by the speed camera. normally how long it takes for them to send over the summon (if any), and how will they reach to me, as currently i have already return to my country.



    • Ilan
      2016.12.31 @ 19:47

      Hello, 4 years ago I got by mail a speeding ticket from the Swiss police. It had said that I drove 83 KPH instead of 50 KPH and I was summoned to a Swiss court (Of course I did not go back for that…). My question is when do you think I can visit again Switzerland without having the risk of being bothered by this ticket…


  11. Khadem
    2016.10.13 @ 20:03

    Hi I have droven 153 kmh in motorway where was 120kmh limit. How much will be the fine and what else can be happen.?


  12. Jeff
    2016.07.30 @ 15:39


    I’ve received a speeding notice from the Swiss police and I’m just wondering if there is a time limit to which I should receive the notice? I’m sure the UK is something like 30 days limit?
    Thanks for the help


    • Teymour
      2016.09.25 @ 06:22

      As a tourist in Switzerland trying to figure out where your gps is telling you to go, it makes more sense to look at your road rather than having your eyes glued to your speedometer or constantly scanning the roadside looking for the speed trap radar boxes that Swiss friends assiduously slow down for momentarily as they pass by them. Exceeding the speed limit by 6 to 10 km in a situation like this is far safer than continually looking at your speedometer. And cruise control? Not helpful unless you’re on a motorway with a vonstant speed limit. The ‘moral’ issue?? A 250cf fine is extortion…that’s a moral issue. I have nany dear Swiss friends but they could bebegit from senditivity training to overcone their serious and notorious OCD problem.


  13. Andreea Albu
    2016.05.24 @ 13:14

    Hi, I have two questions. I was driving in a 30km/h area, and I think I had around 45-50 km/h. There was at the end of the street a policeman with a radar. My first question is how big will be fine be? And my second question: I am not Swiss, but I was driving a swiss car registered on a company. If i receive the fine, can I specify that I was driving? I have no income in Switzerland. Thanks


    • EA333
      2016.10.21 @ 14:56

      You should expect a 250-600 CHF fine. You also need to know that in Switzerland, there is a 3-5 km/h deduction before they send the fine. For example, if you were really going 50 km/h, they will write down 45 or 47, depending on the radar used. So, in that case, it would be a 250 or 400 CHF fine.


  14. Ian
    2016.05.04 @ 18:39

    I think the sliding scale table is out of date. Fines have substantially increased in Switzerland:


    • TerjeEnge
      2016.05.08 @ 23:23

      Thank you, this is good info – I will prioritize this.
      Do you know the exact meaning of “Freiheitsstrafe” in this case ?
      For how long?


      • Vera
        2017.05.18 @ 10:58

        It means Jail not under one year, usually on probation. It is possible, that you will be arrested when reentering, if there are open proceedings for this kind of speeding and they cant get hold of you.


  15. Fleges
    2016.03.29 @ 12:59

    Hi, I received a summons for “fake license” even tho I’ve never used it and it was mailed to me thru someone who works at the service. What should I do ?


  16. Nick
    2016.03.04 @ 12:13

    I got a speeding ticket from an 80 road doing 115. The tolerance was 6kmh so they charged me in terms of 29kmh over the limit. (which was nice of them).
    The Swiss France value of my ticket was indeed 570chf which is approx. 520 euros right now.


  17. Anna
    2016.02.27 @ 03:06

    Hi there,

    I received a speeding fine in Switzerland in French and emailed asking for them to send it to me in English. They then sent this and I figured out I wasn’t driving the car in Switzerland on this day as I was working in France. I then emailed back asking for a photo so I could identify the person driving the car, which I then received. It clearly shows it wasn’t me. Do you know if there is a way to get out of having to pay but the fine?


  18. Anna de Cleene
    2015.09.10 @ 14:14

    Hi, I might be able to help. I received a letter from my hire car company to say I had a speeding fine to pay while I was in Geneva for one day. They attached a letter only in French which said after adjustment I was found between 21 and 25km over the limit as I came off the motorway. The fine suggested I had to pay CHF 400 and there was no information on how to pay this from abroad. However there was a phone number for the Geneva police managing this (+41224275170). I called and waited for all he options to finish (all in French) and it said I could then taken to someone but never was it actually answered by a person but I could leave a message. I asked someone to call me back in English and left my overseas phone number. They repeatedly called me to respond and when I managed to answer finally I had a very helpful man talk me through what to expect and how to manage the fine. In fact, he told me, the fine was now going to be CHF600 because it was not a company car. He said if I wrote to ask for a reduction in the fine within 10 days of receiving the letter they would consider it and get back to me to tell me to send. Tax statement showing my income and they would adjust accordingly. I have yet to hear from them asking me this but although the fine is ridiculously large, I respected the way they responded to my request to help in English and for spending 15 minutes on the phone at their expense to do so.


  19. kaly
    2015.08.18 @ 07:14

    Hi i got the letter from the switzerland police and i have no idea what i have to do with it.
    its all written in germany and french which i have no idea what its saying.
    it says “uberschereitung 39 km/h” ( was i driving +39 km/h above the speed limit in highway?)
    how much do i have to pay? i really have no clue.
    what should i do with the letter?

    thanks for the advice.


    • TerjeEnge
      2015.09.06 @ 14:04

      According to my info (see above) you will have to pay 10 “daily fines”. A daily fine is calculated on the basis of your income and economy up to a maximum of 3000 Swiss Francs.
      I really have no idea on how the Swiss police will act on this if you are a foreigner, but I understand that Swiss fines may only be recovered in Switzerrland. And it must be done within 3 years. So just stay away for this period 🙂
      Does anyone know more about this?


  20. Azeem
    2015.06.27 @ 15:31

    Hi I have received a court summons for running a red light in Switzerland.
    It wasn’t even red for 1second. They said 0.95s. I can’t believe I got a summons for that!

    Obviously I can’t go, what is most likely going to happen? Will this affect my UK license. As you can tell I am shocked, and worried, this was an innocent “small” mistake! Anyone would have thought I killed someone.

    Thank you for your advise


    • TerjeEnge
      2015.07.02 @ 18:43

      I’m sorry I can’t help you on this. I know that at least Spain has rules that specifies how many milliseconds leads to what fine/reaction but I’m not able to look this up.


    • Norman Allen
      2017.04.17 @ 14:59

      I understand you cannot be extradited for traffic offences unless you kill someone or are involved in a serious accident. By the way what did happen-I f you don’t pay the fine you will not be able to re-enter Swiss territory again for atleast 3 years under Swiss federal law.


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