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According to British media the surveillance is everywhere. And the fines may run high – even by European standards.

Important numbers :
Limit – km/h (mph) 48 (30) 96 (60) 112 (70)
Fine +20km/h €95 €95 €95
Fine +40km/h €95-1275(1 €95-1275(1 €95-1275(1
LICENSE 95 (60) 145 (90) 160 (100)
1) Referral to court. See below.

Speeding tickets and reactions are regularly discussed. For more info, you should visit Driving Ban. And Wikipedia has an interesting entry on Road speed limit enforcement in the United Kingdom. The official source on traffic penalties is Road Traffic Offences: Guidance on Fixed Penalty Notices.
A good place to get advice on what to do if you get a ticket for a motoring offense is No Penalty Points. Highly recommended.
Be aware that both fines and license withdrawals are subject to police judgement and the local circumstances (eg. act polite, take off any helmet, and beg for pardon). In addition, Great Britain offers a relatively high degree of legal protection.

It is possible to be jailed for speeding in the UK, but only at excessive velocities.
The fastest convicted speeder in the UK was Daniel Nicks, convicted of 175 mph (282 km/h) on a Honda Fireblade motorcycle in 2000. He received six weeks in jail and was banned from driving for two years. The fastest UK speeder in a car was Timothy Brady, caught driving a 3.6-litre Porsche 911 Turbo at 172 mph (277 km/h) on the A420 in Oxfordshire in January 2007 and jailed for 10 weeks and banned from driving for 3 years.
source: Wikipedia
UK in detail :
Violation(1 Fine(2 (GBP) Fine(2 (Euro) Points
+ 1-24 km/h (1-15 mph) 100 118 3
+ 25-41 km/h (16-25 mph) 100-1000 118-1173 4
+ 42-48 km/h (26-30 mph) 100-1000 128-1173 5-6
LICENSE (1 month – 1 year) + 48 km/h (+30 mph) 100-2500 128-2932 0
1) There is a speed enforcement policy guidance, which suggests that enforcement will normally occur when a driver exceeds the speed limit by a particular margin. This is normally 10 per cent over the speed limit plus 2 mph.
2) The fine also varies between fixed penalties and a referral to court, check the table below for limits. For a Fixed Penalty, the maximum fine is £100. For a case referred to Court, the maximum is £1,000, except for motorway offences, where the maximum is £2,500. Check Speeding Fines for more on this.
Please note that if you are summoned to court you will usually get an instant driving ban for between 7 and 56 days.
In court each case will be looked at individually, to assess factors such as time of day, road type and conditon, weather conditions etc. The fine is now also based upon the financial circumstances of the offender, leading to payment within 12 months.Values in Euro are approximate.
Referral to court / Instant driving ban:
limit: 20 mph 30 mph 40 mph 50 mph 60 mph 70 mph
speed: 35 mph 50 mph 66 mph 76 mph 86 mph 96 mph
About points:

You could be disqualified from driving if you build up 12 or more penalty points within a period of 3 years. For new drivers (still within 2 years of passing your driving test) the license will be revoked when you reach 6 points.
You will find a good survey on the penalty points system at the Motor Lawyers.

nopenaltypoints_ukSpeed Awareness Course
The National Speed Awareness Scheme is an innovative scheme that has been put in place by police forces across the UK to allow motorists caught speeding to complete a workshop rather than be issued with three penalty points and a £60 fine. Check NoPenaltyPoints for details.


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    Seems like the “Important numbers” table hasn’t been updated to reflect the content of the “UK in detail” section.


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    Very accurate, with the exception that the Fixed Penalty fine has been increased to £100 (€125).


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    It is now a minimum fixed penalty of £100 & 3 endorsemebt points for speeding as opposed to the £75…


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